Ant (Year 5)

Module 1

Welcome back to school! It’s the start of a new year, and across the school we will all be thinking about the theme ‘Who We Are’.

Find out more about the inquiries for your class below:

Central Idea

Changes that people experience affect their sense of self and the choices they make.

We will be reading: ‘The Saga of Erik the Viking’ by Terry Jones

In our Lines of Inquiry, we will explore:

  • How the actions of others affect lives
  • The ways in which Vikings changed Britain
  • The changes that people experience

Our Maths Skills we are focusing on are:

  • Telling the Time
  • Number: Place Value

These are the ideas we will be exploring in school, but we’re really looking forward to seeing your own inquiries take shape! Take a look on the next page for some suggestions to get you started…


Who We Are

Homework is shared with you termly. In addition to this document, your child will also receive regular spellings and some maths activities. The tasks below focus on the Learner Profiles, which are part of our day to day expectations in the classroom. These require the children to show their thinking and explain their solutions. Each child is required to complete three tasks. The completed homework should be brought in or uploaded to Google Classroom by Monday 11th October. This allows time for us to celebrate and display their work before the end of term.

I am an Inquirer

Inquire into the beliefs of the Vikings.

  • You could create an information leaflet or Slides to teach others about their religion/beliefs/gods and goddesses.
  • You could make up your own Viking god/goddess.

I am Knowledgeable

Create a poster/comic strip or a picture book to explain/teach younger children about the Vikings. Try to include as many facts as you can, for example, how did they travel? Where did they invade? When? Did they have money? Did they invent anything?

I am Creative

  • Create an interesting collage of a Viking scene; a stormy sea, long boat, a raid!
  • Design and/or make a Viking helmet and/or sword!
  • Do some junk-modelling – make a Viking longboat.

I am Caring

Vikings had to be fit and strong. Create and plan a healthy meal fit for a Viking. Think about what food may have been available and how it would have been cooked.

I am Reflective

The Vikings are known for their aggression and violence. However, they were very clever people and invented a lot of things.
Reflect on the following question and present it in any way you like:

What did the Vikings do for us?

I am Open-Minded

Is it ever acceptable to invade another land, town or country and make the people that already live there follow your rules? Write a speech or create a presentation to the rest of the class for or against invading somewhere else.

I am a Communicator

You are a Viking that has just set sail to find new land. Write a letter home to your family or write a diary entry about your journey. Remember to include your thoughts and feelings.

Challenge – learn how to write in Runes, could you write some of your letter/diary in this way?

I am Curious

Choose one of the countries that the Vikings were from (Denmark, Norway and Sweden). Find out what the country is like now.

  • You could plan a trip there, what will you do, where will you stay and where will you go? How will you get there? Can you use Google Flights to find out how much it will cost to travel there?
  • You could make a poster to help tourists know exactly what that country is like.
    • You could include; places of interest to visit, traditional food and clothes.

I am a Thinker

Draw or print a picture of yourself and a Viking child. Label the differences between your life and their life. (Include information on school, toys, homes, pets, hobbies).