Book Week

Two students in costumes, reading a book together

The children really enjoyed Book Week, which was from 27th February to the 3rd March. The theme for our Book Week was ‘You are a Reader’ which encouraged every child to see the value in themselves as a reader. Class teachers used a variety of texts to support with hooking children into their learning, this ranged from poems in Year 4, and alternative traditional tales in Year 2. Children produced a range of outcomes, which included poems about volcanic eruptions, suspense writing and creating their own alternative ending for a traditional tale.

We also had some fantastic drama workshops, children recreated popular stories such as the Gruffalo and Dear Zoo. Children were confident in their performances and could act with enthusiasm!

With every Book Week, it is always a pleasure to see the creative costumes and the buzz from children discussing their characters and favourite books. A huge well done to everyone that took part by sharing their favourite books, and dressing up!