Cricket (Year 4)

Module 1

Welcome back to school! It’s the start of a new year, and across the school we will all be thinking about the theme ‘Who We Are’.

Find out more about the inquiries for your class below:

Central Idea

Understanding cultural origins can broaden our appreciation of others.

We will be reading: ‘Roman Diary, The Journey of Iliona’

In our Lines of Inquiry, we will explore:

  • What makes up who we are?
  • The growth and spread of Christianity
  • The impact of the Roman Empire on culture today

Our Maths Skills we are focusing on are:

  • Number: Place Value
  • Number: Addition and Subtraction

These are the ideas we will be exploring in school, but we’re really looking forward to seeing your own inquiries take shape! Take a look on the next page for some suggestions to get you started…


Who We Are

Homework is shared with you termly. In addition to this document, your child will also receive regular spellings and a task to practice mental maths. The tasks below focus on the Learner Profiles, which are part of our day to day expectations in the classroom. These require the children to show their thinking and explain their solutions. Each child is required to complete three tasks. The completed homework should be brought in by Monday 11th October. This allows time for us to display their work before the end of term.

I am an Inquirer

Research the Roman Gods.

  • You could design your own God.
  • You could create an information leaflet to teach others about the gods.

I am Knowledgeable

Roman numerals, dates, months and years were very different!

  • You could create a maths worksheet for Roman children, making sure you use Roman numerals in your calculations.
  • You could design an ancient Roman calendar to sell.
  • You could write a set of instructions to teach younger children how to read the Roman numeral system.

I am Creative

Make a 3D Roman model!

  • You could create a 3D model of a Roman soldier.
  • You could create a junk-model Roman bath or Roman villa.

I am Caring

How were Roman children kept entertained?

  • You could create an outdoor game for Roman children to play.
  • You have to care for a group of young children for the day. You could create a plan of Roman activities.

I am Reflective

The Roman Empire invaded a lot of countries. They caused a lot of fighting and a lot of deaths. However, they were very clever and brought lots of their inventions to the invaded countries.

Reflect on the following question and present it in any way you like:

What did the Romans do for us?

I am Open-Minded

It is important to be aware of and respectful towards the different countries and cultures around the world.
Have a think about Rome (and the rest of Italy) as it is today. Research the culture there.

  • You could create a tourist information brochure.
  • You could make a TV or poster advert to persuade people to visit Rome/Italy.

I am a Communicator

Write an imaginative story with a Roman theme.

  • You could travel back in time and wake up in a street in Ancient Rome!
  • You have been captured to be a Roman slave! You could write letters back home to your family, or a diary entry.

I am Curious

How far did the Roman Empire spread? Find as many countries as possible that the Romans invaded.

  • You could draw flags of the invaded countries, and write a sentence about each one.
  • You could produce a PowerPoint Presentation or poster to present to the class.

I am a Thinker

I want to live in Italy so I can eat pizza, ice cream and cheese-pasta all day every day!!

Is this a good idea for my health?! Think about how to eat healthily. Provide me with some advice as to how to have a healthy diet here, or in Italy.
The choice of how you do this, is up to you!