Grasshopper (FS2)

Module 1

Who We Are

My Favourite Meal

Draw, stick in pictures or write about your favourite foods to eat. You could draw a big plate and fill it with delicious foods!

My Family Tree

You could draw a family tree together and add photos of different members of the family. Can you talk about who they are?

Special Places

Where are your family from? Can you find out about those places? You could add a map, photos or information.

Self Portrait

Can you draw a picture of yourself? Have a look closely in a mirror. What can you see?

Things I Like

Can you list things that you really like? Can you add pictures? You could draw or stick in pictures.

My Body

Talk about different parts of the body. Play Simon Says for body parts! Draw around your hand and someone else’s hand and compare their sizes.

My Favourite Book

Share a favourite story at home. Can you copy the title? Draw some of the characters and explain what you like about the book.

My Name

Can you write your name? Practise writing it and find out other things that start with the same letter. Draw pictures of them and label, such as S for Sarah – seahorse, sausage and sun!

Please make sure these are completed by the end of term.


  • Counting objects 1-5
  • Recognising numbers 1-5
  • Saying numbers 1-10 in order

Above is a list of Home Learning options for this half term around our theme of ‘Who we are.’ Please talk to your child to decide at least three activities that you would like to do together by the end of the half term.

Parents/carers are welcome to scribe for children and share what you have learnt about together, and it would be lovely to see children’s input through drawings, scribed quotes or some writing. Home Learning should be submitted via our ‘Google Classroom’. Phonics work will be sent home as weekly homework and is due on a Wednesday. You could take a photo of this and upload onto the google classroom. Please work on the ‘maths’ section throughout the half term.