High Halstow Primary Academy Rated Outstanding by Ofsted!

High Halstow Primary Academy students stood in a row smiling

High Halstow Primary Academy rated outstanding in every category by Ofsted

Leigh Academies Trust is delighted to announce that High Halstow Primary Academy has achieved an outstanding rating in every area following the recent Ofsted inspection on 20th and 21st June this year.

High Halstow Primary Academy is an authorised International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, and the report by inspectors recognises the academy’s commitment to an exceptional education, stating that “Pupils are highly motivated and engaged in learning. Staff explicitly teach pupils how to behave through clear routines. Leaders ensure these approaches are embedded consistently across the school. Pupils know what is expected of them. They are ambitious to meet these high expectations.”

The report highlights that High Halstow Primary Academy is “an exceptional school in every way,” and commends the academy for establishing a highly effective curriculum for all pupils. Ofsted praised the academy for creating a strong learning culture and recognised the dedication, passion, and enthusiasm of the staff, pupils, and the support of the community.

With regard to leadership, Ofsted stated, “Leaders have a relentless ambition for every pupil to achieve highly. Staff subject knowledge is extensive. They have a deep understanding of the curriculum content and have carefully considered how to teach it.”

The academy’s inclusive ethos was also praised by inspectors, with the report stating that “Leaders have high expectations for every pupil, particularly for those with special education needs and/or disabilities (SEND). Staff engage pupils effectively. Pupils are excited about their learning. This ‘learning buzz’ permeates the entire school.

Furthermore, the report commends the academy’s approach to teaching and learning, stating that “Reading is a high priority. Children learn phonics knowledge from the moment they start in Reception. Leaders have carefully chosen a well-structured programme that works. High-quality staff training ensures that teaching is effective. Pupils read books that are carefully matched to the sounds they know. They read with confidence.”

The Principal, Gemma Stangroom, expressed her gratitude to the academy community,

“We are overjoyed with the outstanding rating in every area. This is a testament to the ambition we have for every pupil to reach their full potential. Our staff’s extensive subject knowledge and deep understanding of the curriculum content have been recognised, and this is a reflection of their hard work and commitment. I am extremely proud of our pupils’ excitement about their learning, which permeates the entire school and is a true testament to the learning culture we have established. We are honoured to receive this recognition, but we will continue to strive for excellence in everything we do to ensure all of our pupils continue to thrive.”

Leigh Academies Trust CEO, Simon Beamish, expressed his pride in the academy’s achievements, stating that

“This is a remarkable achievement for High Halstow Primary Academy. The report highlights our commitment to high expectations for every pupil underpinned by our International Baccalaureate curriculum framework. The ‘learning buzz’ that permeates the entire school is a testament to the passion of the staff and the overall success of this inspection is a true reflection of their expertise and dedication to continually go the extra mile for their pupils. We are extremely proud of the journey High Halstow Primary Academy has taken since it joined the Trust in January 2019.”

Leigh Academies Trust congratulates High Halstow Primary Academy on this fantastic achievement and thanks everyone involved in the academy community for helping to achieve this remarkable success.

The full Ofsted report can be found linked below.

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