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At High Halstow Primary Academy, our children will, from the early years, develop a sense of creativity, self-expression, excellence and high attainment. We will deliver a curriculum that exposes all children to the arts, giving them a chance to experience, and participate in a range of creative activities and events. 

The curriculum gives children a wide range of experiences in the arts as part of and in addition to the curriculum, providing them with the opportunity to explore, develop and communicate their knowledge and skills within a wide range of arts activities. High Halstow encourages children to express themselves creatively using a wide range of media. Our curriculum introduces them to an appreciation of the arts that will last a lifetime.   

We monitor progress regularly through learning walks, book looks and discussions with pupils.

Throughout their time at High Halstow Primary Academy, the children are given a range of opportunities to explore a wide variety of materials and techniques, developing their skills and thinking as young artists.

The curriculum is progressive and so allows the children to build on skills, knowledge and techniques year on year. Throughout each unit, the children build on previous understanding through developing skills, generating ideas, formal elements, knowledge of artists and evaluating their work. Various media types are explored to give the widest possible range of experiences for all children. The materials and media used are revisited throughout units and year groups to ensure progression of skills previously developed. Children have access to key knowledge, language and meanings in order to understand and readily apply new terminology to their work in 

At High Halstow Primary Academy, we are very lucky to have a dedicated Art and Design room, as well as a wide range of resources and tools for the children to explore. Using this space allows us to celebrate Art in all its forms, whilst also providing a wonderful place to display our pieces.

Through the high quality teaching of Art taking place, we will see the impact of the subject in different ways.

Through pupil voice, children will be able to talk about the skills and knowledge they have acquired. Children will be engaged in their learning and want to find out more. Children will complete research independently through projects and homework and to further their own enjoyment about the subject or topic covered in the Transdisciplinary Theme. 

As artists, children will leave High Halstow Primary Academy having developed a passion for art and creativity, working both independently and collaboratively. They will have grown in confidence when using a range of tools and techniques, becoming artists that can apply the skills and knowledge that they have developed throughout the years and respond critically to their own and other’s work. Assessments and monitoring will show standards in Art will be high and will match standards in other subject areas.