Spider (Year 3)

Module 1

This term, across the school we will all be thinking about the theme ‘Who we are’.
Find out more about the inquiries for your class below:

Central Idea

Ancient civilisations can help us to understand different beliefs and values.

We will be reading:

  • ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’
  • ‘Egyptology’
  • ‘The Hedgehog’

In our Lines of Inquiry, we will explore:

  • An inquiry into what we can learn from ancient civilisations (Connection)
  • An inquiry into the beliefs of an ancient civilisation (Form)
  • An inquiry into people’s varied beliefs (Perspective)
  • An inquiry into how beliefs have changed over time (Change)

Our Maths Skills we are focusing on are:

  • Place Value
  • Addition and Subtraction

These are the ideas we will be exploring in school, but we’re really looking forward to seeing your own inquiries take shape! Take a look on the next page for some suggestions to get you started…


Who We Are

Homework is shared with you termly. The activities below focus on the Learner Profiles, which are part of our day to day expectations in the classroom. These require the children to show their thinking and explain their solutions. Each child is required to complete 3 tasks by the end of the term. Homework should be completed by Friday 8th October but if completed before we would love to see it and display it!

I am Open-Minded

There are lots of different beliefs about how our world was created.

  • Research at least 2 different viewpoints and find out as much detail as you can about each. Present your findings in a way of your choosing. You might like to use google slides/powerpoint, create an information poster, create a storyboard, draw and label some detailed diagrams or write up some notes in your book to share with the class. The choice is yours.
  • How do you think the world was created? What is your belief?

I am Reflective

There are a lot of symbols linked to the different beliefs and religions around the world.
If you had a symbol that represented you what would it look like? What values do you have? What beliefs do you have?
Present your symbol in any way you choose!

I am Creative

Can you make a pyramid? We will be learning about these this term. You can choose what you make your pyramid from and how you make it! Be as creative as you wish. They will make a fantastic display in our classroom and so I look forward to seeing them!

I am a Thinker

What do you think it would have been like to live in Ancient Egypt? You can imagine that you are a pharaoh or a servant or a high priest/priestess during this time.
Can you write a short diary entry or story recounting your time in Ancient Egypt? What did you do? What did you see? How did you feel? What adventures did you have?

I am Caring

Imagine that someone new starts at our school and in our class. What could we do to welcome them? What would we need to tell them about our school? What values and beliefs do we have in our school? For example we believe that we should all be kind to each other. Create a welcome leaflet for a new pupil, ensuring that you included all they will need to know including our beliefs and values.

I am a Communicator

A place of worship can be a special place for people with religious beliefs.
Tell us about any place that is special to you and explain why.

You can present your work any way you wish to. Some suggestions are:

  • Make a video documentary to show us your special place
  • Draw a detailed diagram and present it to the class.
  • Make a photo collage
  • Write a description
  • Create a poem about your special place.

I am Principled

It is really important that we learn about different beliefs to ensure that we understand and respect the beliefs of others in our world. How would you help someone understand your beliefs and values? What would you tell them? Could you write a letter or make a video explaining your beliefs and values?

I am Knowledgeable

There are lots of different religions and beliefs. Some of these we learnt about last year. This year we will be looking at how beliefs have changed and how the past has influenced some current beliefs.
Can you research a religion and the beliefs associated with this religion. Can you find out if this religion has changed at all from the past?
You can then present what you have found out in your chosen way- maybe in the form of a poster or a Google slides presentation.

I am an Inquirer

The ancient Egyptians believed in many Gods. Can you choose one of these to research and then present your findings in your chosen way?