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High Halstow Primary Academy promotes the PYP style of learning. Each term, we look at a transdisciplinary theme.  This is the basis for our inquiry learning.  As a class, we will determine some inquiry questions to help focus learning. These questions will help develop our curiosity and interests to help us look at the wider world. 

We provide a transition period in September, which really helps build up confidence and routine in the classroom in a staggered way. After children are settled in school, direct carpet lessons will be slowly introduced. They will be around 15 -20 minutes long.  Little Grasshoppers do not like to sit for very long! Inquiry learning is linked with literacy and will help to develop a knowledge of stories, how to retell them and this will support the progression of literacy and communication skills. 

Phonics is the next taught lesson of the day. This is how children learn to read and write. Children will learn a sound a day, and once they know and can remember some sounds, they will be able to blend them together to read! Our classroom is full of activities to help develop gross motor skills (big movements) and fine motor skills (small movements). These will help develop the children as they get ready for writing. 

As Maths skills are introduced, we spend a long time looking at numbers 1-5, using the Numberblocks to help us! Counting is not just remembering how to say the numbers in order, but counting one by one using a variety of techniques. 

Around these lessons, children get to use the inside and outside environment where they will be encouraged to apply these skills independently through child initiated time.

A young boy is seen using a hammer to place nails into a small log on a table.
A young boy is shown measuring the width of a wooden cabinet with a measuring tape.
A young boy can be seen playing with a toy construction vehicle in an outdoor play area.
A life size model of a drum kit made from tree logs and branches is pictured sitting on some wooden decking in an outdoor play area.