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Grasshopper Class is our Reception Class at High Halstow Primary Academy. 

The classroom is always busy but in a structured and engaging way. To the outside eye, it can look like chaos, but we can assure you there is a huge amount of learning going on. The hustle and bustle are a true sign that there are engaging inquiries, excitement, awe and wonderment happening within, not just within these four walls, but the vast outside space as well. 

There are a variety of areas within the classroom that provide children with the tools to inquire and apply skills independently as the year progresses. 

The most popular area of the classroom is the home corner. The home corner contains a variety of resources, such as baking tins, wooden spoons, saucepans, and china cups. 

The idea is that children see the value in the resources provided.  We are limiting our plastic toys to allow children to understand the wonder of real life items- how they may break if dropped, and how to play with care in mind. We are trying to create as many real life experiences to help aid roleplay and imagination stories. There are also some very fabulous hats and dressing up outfits to promote independent dressing skills. 

The classroom is being continuously developed to meet the needs of all children. Currently, there is a self service playdough station, where children are encouraged to make their own playdough – this is to really develop fine motor skills, ready for writing. There is a construction area which is full of natural resources such as wooden discs and pine cones to help develop natural curiosity and spark imagination in play. 

We aim to promote children guiding and encouraging their own learning through curiosity. 

There is a vast outside area, containing large wooden blocks, which are great for making stages, cars and boats. Children can choose to explore our woodland area, a great place for discovering creepy crawlies as well as our stage area which is great for making lots of noise using the musical instruments!  Children can keep wellies in school, put on a waterproof and develop their creative and imaginative skills in the mud kitchen too! 

Two pupils are shown sitting down at a dinner table, eating Noodles with chopsticks.
A child's briefcase is shown opened with a variety of different toys kept inside.
A sculpture is shown created from wooden logs and choppings by pupils.
A young pupil is seen experimenting with different cooking utensils.