Winners at Children championing climate change!

Pupils from High Halstow Primary Academy during the competition.

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Children championing climate change

Three schools have been recognised for encouraging drivers to switch off their engines when they are not moving.

We launched the anti-idling competition in January with prizes on offer for both primary and secondary schools across Medway.

In the primary school category, High Halstow Primary Academy took the top spot, winning a scooter pod sponsored by Volker Highways. Balfour Junior Academy came a close second and won a selection of climate change books for their library as runner-up.

High Halstow Primary Academy impressed the judges with its scientific approach. Pupils undertook a survey before starting the campaign and created posters and wrote to parents and carers to encourage them to shut off their engines. They then did their survey again and confirmed their actions had an impact on the air quality at their school.

Balfour Junior Academy has been commended for the research into the topic. Pupils also created posters, and encouraged parents and carers to pledge to turn off their engines at the school.

In the secondary school category, Chatham Grammar took the gold medal, winning a wooden chair for their school which was made by the Men in Sheds. Pupils made their own posters which were put up in car parks at the school, and created placards to protest outside their school.

Cllr Simon Curry, Medway Council’s Portfolio Holder for Climate Change, said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank not only the prize-winning schools, but everyone who took part in the competition. Raising awareness about improving air quality and the small changes we can all make to reduce carbon emissions is incredibly important. It is great to see Medway’s children and young people championing climate change in their local communities. We know children and young people are passionate about climate change and providing opportunities for them to have their voices heard supports our ambition to make Medway even more child-friendly.”