Welcome to High Halstow Primary Academy

I am delighted to welcome you to High Halstow Primary Academy.

We believe in the huge potential of our pupils and focus relentlessly on high aspirations and high achievement. We recognise for some this could be in academic subjects whilst for others their strengths could lie in other areas such as sports and the arts. 

Mrs G Stangroom,

We expect our pupils to:-

Be respectful

Be responsible

Be resilient

Be hardworking and ambitious

Be kind and courteous

Be honest

We aim to ensure:-

The highest standards of achievement

Excellent teaching and learning

A challenging and tailored learning journey for all;

Participation, personal development and well-being;

Courtesy, respect and self-discipline.

High Halstow Primary Academy offers a caring and supportive learning environment that nurtures pupils’ development into positive, well rounded members of the community. We strongly believe in aspiring to provide a world class education and we are proud of our pupils.

We ask parents to commit to our home-school agreement so that they know what we expect of their child. By working in partnership we can jointly ensure that each child makes progress every day allowing them to excel academically and develop into well rounded individuals who contribute positively to our society.