Assessment & Reporting Performance

Aims and Beliefs

At High Halstow Primary Academy we believe assessment supports quality teaching and learning. This occurs by building on from previous learning and therefore forms the basis for the planning of subsequent work.  We want assessment to celebrate a broad range of developments noting progress in attainment, as well as significant achievements in areas of physical, social, emotional and process skills along with attitudes and conceptual development.  Assessment should provide data for benchmarking the school’s level of achievement and should aid future curriculum development as identified in the Academy Performance Agreement.

Every decision at our school is made with teaching and learning at the forefront. We believe that high achievement in all areas of life at school is important and for all children to be the best they can be.  Very much at the heart of this, is our partnership with parents and carers and we have a commitment to keeping you informed about the progress of your child.

We aim to identify barriers which may be standing in the way of achievement, understand them in relation to the individual child and look at ways of supporting children to progress. Our expertise lies in knowing our community and how best to support all of our learners.

Each term teachers make an assessment judgement about pupils using Target Tracker, which directly links to the objectives of the National Curriculum.  It is expected that most children will make six steps of progress throughout the academic year.  In order to prepare children for statutory assessments in years two and six, sometimes they will be given opportunities to rehearse their test skills using past papers during an assessment week.  Each term every class teacher then attends a Pupil Progress Meeting with senior leaders and discussions take place about children on an individual basis.

Should any child not be on track, the school, child and parents will work together on identifying any barriers to learning and collaboratively implement a strategy to help the child get back on track.

We pride ourselves on being a learning community in which every one of us, whether a child or a member of staff, continually reflects on how well we perform and seek ways to do things better.

Education is the means for us to change our lives for the better. A good education gives us the chance to live longer, create life chances, provide for a family and enjoy success. We are confident every parent and carer joins us in wanting these life chances for their child and we are determined to create a brighter future for our young people.

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