Home School Agreement

Our school aims are to ensure that all of our children:

  • ‘aspire, achieve and excel’ in their physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual development
  • are safe, well, happy and learning to the best of their ability
  • develop as well rounded citizens


To help your child achieve their best we will:

  • Provide a happy, safe and welcoming environment for your child to learn
  • Provide a broad, balanced and creative curriculum to meet the needs of all its pupils
  • Treat each pupil as an individual
  • Offer a high standard of teaching across the curriculum
  • Provide opportunities for home learning
  • Encourage your child to do their best at all times
  • Contact you promptly with any concerns we have that may affect your child’s learning or behaviour.
  • Keep you regularly informed of your child’s progress
  • Be welcome and open to all parents and offer you opportunities to become actively involved in school life
  • Listen sensitively to your concerns and suggestions and work with you for the benefit of your child
  •  Be consistent with our policies


To help my child achieve their best at school I will:

  • Ensure my child has 100% attendance.
  • Arrives on time and is collected on time at the end of the school day
  • Inform the school as soon as possible should my child be absent for any reason
  • Not take my child out of school for a holiday during term time
  • Support and uphold our behaviour expectations
  • Not use inappropriate language on school property
  • Treat staff with respect
  • Ensure my child wears the correct school uniform
  • Ensure that home learning is completed carefully and handed in on time
  • Read with my child regularly at home
  • Support and encourage my child to make good progress
  • Inform the school of any concerns that may affect my child’s learning or behaviour
  • Work with the school to support my child’s learning and behaviour – try our best!
  • Attend parent/carer consultations and discussions about my child’s progress


To help me do well at school I will:

  • Follow our school expectations
  • Aspire to have impeccable behaviour
  • Do my best in class
  • Arrive to school on time in correct uniform
  • Bring appropriate equipment ready for learning
  • Complete my home learning carefully and hand it in on time
  • Look after our school and its equipment
  • Be polite and friendly to staff, other pupils and visitors