Year 6 ‘Fill a Bag’ to support the homeless

Year 6 pupils are seen standing together for a group photo, holding the bags they have filled with blankets, gloves, etc. to give to the local charity Medway Street Angels.

During Module One, Year 6 followed lines of inquiry regarding responsibility for those who are most vulnerable. Linked to the central idea that charities can change lives, the students researched local charities in the Medway area. Medway Street Angels was the charity they discovered to support homelessness in the local area.

As a class, they then considered ways to support the charity by creating the ‘Fill a Bag’ concept. This involved filling a bag with items that could help the homeless such as blankets, gloves, etc. Year 6 organised logistics of collecting bags.

They wrote to the rest of the school, parents and carers and received fantastic contributions from other students to provide support for those most in need. Above is a picture showing the bags that were collected. These will be given to the Medway Street Angels to distribute to the homeless.